Bye (Dunc)

I started this blog back on May 23rd 2006 to record my exploits as I traveled around the world for 12 months and now some 370 days and 21,423 hits later it’s time to put this puppy to sleep.

As things turned out I only managed to travel for 9 months of the 12, but they were 9 damn fine months at that.

Highlights of my trip were people rather than places. An ugly place can always be made better with good people.

Fortunately, beautiful places and beautiful people tend to collide now and again – Nepal, Lithuania, Australia – I will be going back!!!

Things that I don’t like about traveling –

1. Becoming friends with people who you are never likely to see again in your life (the not seeming them again bit – not the making friends bit)
2. Having the shits with a hallucinating fever for 18 hours on a train in India.
3. Not having the energy to be sociable everyday.
4. Missing my family and friends
5. Taxi drivers.
6. Nepalese Visas.

The lessons I have learned –

1. Live in the now – appreciate what you’ve got.
2. You get the same mixed bag of people pretty much everywhere you go – we’re not all that different.
3. Everything in life is perception.
4. A 60p bottle of wine can taste better than you think.
5. A cocktail of salt and chlorine does not make for a pleasant swimming pool experience.
6. 12 months isn’t a long time.
7. I love my bouff more than I ever though possible.

I hope people have enjoyed reading my ramblings. I also extend my heartfelt thanks to Rory for being my partner in crime and making this blog more entertaining than it ever would have been if I’d done it alone.

The future? Well, I’m sure I’ll be traveling again sometime soon and if I do I’m sure I’ll brush the digital cobwebs off Too Many Ribs To Kiss Kojak.

Take it easy everyone and remember not to buy Nestle!


8 Responses to “Bye (Dunc)”

  1. Rory Says:

    Sad to see it go. Cheers Dunc for asking me to participate.

    All the best everyone

  2. Sophia Says:

    But why not Nestle?

    And it is sad to say goodbye (one less internet distraction for me, nooo!) but hopefully you’ll be travelling and blogging again soon enough!

  3. dlaird Says:

    Nestle are nasty buggers.

    Do a search on the net regarding Nestle babymilk in Africa. They ran a lovely campaign telling African mothers that Nestle babymilk ($$$) is better for babies than free breastmilk.

    Not only that but the language of the instructions printed on the side of the babymilk cans didn’t match up with the county it was sold in. Consequently, mothers didn’t know whether they were feeding the correct formula to their babies or didn’t even know that you had to match up formulas to the age of a baby.

    Not only that but when the labelling was brought to the attention of Nestle they did fuck all about it for a number of years. But meh, they’re only African after all.

    So, for this reason amongst others, I boycott Nestle and urge all others to do so.

  4. joe Says:

    Tra Dunc, it has been emotional. See youse all on facebook then.

  5. bozzley Says:

    so thats it then eh?

    well – tra

  6. Rich Says:

    …and you never made it as far as Kojak’s House of Ribs in Tampa, Florida! (whereupon you would have inevitably consumed too many of the house speciality to kiss the proprietor)

  7. nurnAccotte Says:

    Great, I didn’t heard about that up to the present. Cheers!

  8. vanhoffman42390 Says:

    You used to joke about deep-frying my poor dear hamsters, too. Why do you hate pets, John? Click

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