Rabbits on the Loose (Dunc)

I sense the Apocalypse is upon us!! 

Story HERE.

Give it a couple of more hours before people start blaming this on avian flu, Jade Goody and the CIA.

I wonder if they’re the new luminous ones?

4 Responses to “Rabbits on the Loose (Dunc)”

  1. NeaL Says:

    So Duncan any pictures from ‘uddersfield to share with us. I want sordid tales of drunken lunacy.

  2. dlaird Says:

    I forgot my camera but pete is on the case. Stay tuned for an update..

  3. NeaL Says:


  4. dlaird Says:

    No shit – I’ve just had confirmation this post has been listed on http://www.birdflubreakingnews.com/

    I really don’t know what the workld is coming to…

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