Bloody public transport!. (Rory)

Last but not least, Part 4

Steph, Alana and Amy all looking lovely (If more than a little cracked)

Dave Clarke. What a sour beaked cunt he is.

Dunc and Rich. Loving the Techno

Jose loving the Techno

Steph, Neal and Boz all loving the Red Stripe and Techno.

Ich bin eine bovvered? Dry your eyes bitch…

You wouldn’t get this nonsense if the red army had continued west…

Some of the exit crew. Nice tits Steph.

Jose, Boltz, Alana and Dunc in Exit.

The last word goes to Mr Bin Lairden.

Right peeps. That’s your lot for now. All this while listening to Elliott Smith. No stabbing in the dark with this lot of posts. (Boom Boom!)

7 Responses to “Bloody public transport!. (Rory)”

  1. hag Says:

    right, ive been pretty busy recently admitted, so i mightnt be up to the latest (and when i say latest im probably more accurately talking about the last two years or so) but last time i checked wasnt rich in australia, creegan in china, and bozzly housebound and covered in nappies and the like? what the chuff is going on laike?

  2. dlaird Says:

    Hag – Rory decided to put up some lovely photos from memory lane. They’re from Campbell’s collection I think.

  3. Rory Says:


    Neal suggested I post some of his (old) photies. Nothing’s changed in the world.

    I thought I’d said so in the first part?

  4. dlaird Says:

    Rory – Strange we posted a very similar comment at exactly the same time. I smell conspiracy.

  5. Rory Says:

    Spooky eh? Or great minds…

  6. NeaL Says:

    Just a couple of factual points rory – that’s not boz in the picture with me and steph – that’s another Harry Potter lookelikee called John Twigg.
    Also – those buildings – East Berlin. It was the Reds wot did it.

  7. hag Says:

    i see. thats pretty clear isnt it? in my defence i looked at this after an all day recording session and was pretty frazzled. if the resulting demo isnt utterly rubbish ill let you all have a listen.

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