Looooooooooooserrrrrrr (Dunc)

I played in a 5-a-side footy competition recently at the JJB Soccer Dome in Manchester. I was an incontinent part of the Stockport Council team, or “Stockportina” as we were renamed:

We didn’t win, in fact we lost. I ran into a mystic after the game and she assured me that George Best’s liver was turning in it’s pickle jar at the shocking display of football put on.

It’s reinforced my outlook in life that you should never try anything because you’ll ultimately fail.

Have a good weekend!

One Response to “Looooooooooooserrrrrrr (Dunc)”

  1. Rory Says:

    You lost coz you look like a gaylord!

    How’s things anyway? I missed your call and tried you back but no dice mo fo

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