T10 – Kids TV (Dunc)

For some reason I thought about a 1980’s cartoon called “Alias the Jester” the other day. This got me thinking about TV programmes I watched as a kid. I went on the interweb found a couple of sites which gave me shudders of nostalgia as they triggered fond memories of yesteryear sitting in front of the TV after school.


Top 10 list of my favourite TV programmes when I was kid in no particular order:

10. Alias the Jester – A short cartoon about an alien who hid his identity as a jester in King Arthur’s court.

9. Dungeons and Dragons – Great cartoon almost ruined by the smug dungeon master and his mis-information campaign – “Take the fifth road at the crossroads in order to get home”. Give me some useful advice or I’ll stamp on you, you little fucker!

8. Scooby Doo – No introductions needed. People always said Daphne was the fittest but I always liked Scrappy.

7. Willow the Wisp – A bit weird and scary. Oddly scheduled after 5pm. You don’t really get weird cartoons anymore. Hmm, maybe I’m out the loop.

6. Spiderman & His Amazing Friends – Iceman, Firestar and Spiderman mookig around doing stuff.

5. Jimbo and the Jetset – From the early days of the broomcupboard on BBC1. I think it’s the reason I don’t like flying.

4. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe – I liked that guy who was a batering ram. On retrospect, what right have they got to declare themselves “Masters of the Universe”. A definite Bushism.

3. Ulysses – “Ulysseseseseseses. roaming through the galaxy….”

2. Super Ted – The best thing ever to come out of Wales.

1. Banana Man – The best theme music. Sends a shiver down my spine when I listen to it.

And of noteable mention – Wacky Races, Dangermouse and Tom’s Midnight Garden

36 Responses to “T10 – Kids TV (Dunc)”

  1. Rory Says:

    No mention of ‘Benji and the Alien Prince’?. This cannot be a exhaustive list.

    What about Chockablock?

  2. NeaL Says:

    Ulysses – legendary stuff. Reminds me of my finest pub quiz hour, when I got the name of ulysses’s son. Telemachus he was called, and I didn’t need no internet to tell me that!

    He-Man though was possibly the most homoerotic cartoon ever. Which is probably why you liked it Duncan. Plus in addition it was nothing but a vehicle for Mattell to sell crappy ‘made in taiwan’ plastic toys.

  3. dlaird Says:

    Benji and the Alien Prince’ – eh?

    Chockablock – eh???

  4. dlaird Says:

    Neal – I like dogs not men.

  5. hag Says:

    i cannot believe there has been no mention of cities of gold!

  6. NeaL Says:

    Good call Haggis. I was always afraid of Mendoza. He was a dastardly character.

  7. dlaird Says:

    Hag – The theme music annoyed me. Also, in the opening credits a fellas hair blew in the wind one way and in the background the clouds were moving the other way. I don’t like inconsistencies. I’m putting my pedantic foot down.

  8. Rory Says:

    Kid’s TV right?

    Sheltered mo fos if you haven’t heard of these iconic classics

  9. Sophia Says:

    Oh, He-Man was really good! And so was Conan the Adventurer (although I may be mixing that up with a live-action TV show).

    In Canada we had some really fecking wierd and creepy Children’s TV shows, such as Today’s Special, where mannequin’s came to life after hours in a department store, or Fred Penner’s Place where you followed some bearded man into the woods and he sang to you with his guitar, or Mr. Dressup whose name sounds wrong as is. I think these were all tantamount to contributing to my fear of the dark and of old men in the park who want to sing and play dress-up.

  10. dlaird Says:

    Sophia – Kudos for using the word “tantamount” in a sentence.

    Never heard of the shows. I don’t think there’s a great demand for shows from a 3rd world country in the UK though.

    Check this site out – http://www.notcanada.com/

  11. Sophia Says:

    I think I had that guy on the first page as a taxi driver once and I laughed at him and told him that my Honours BA (yeah, Honours, that’s where I learned how to use words like tantamount) would get me further than his PhD, then I didn’t tip him.

    I like the top 8 reasons not to immigrate to Canada, especially our outrageously high taxes that go towards beer drinking, hockey watching welfare bums. They got it wrong though, as one of our provincial Premiers a few years ago said, welfare funds go towards beer money for pregnant women.

  12. NeaL Says:

    Duncs, your pedantry is misplaced. Have you never heard of a swirling wind.

  13. bozzley Says:

    If i was a bit quicker id have said, what about cities of gold?? instaed i’ll say,

    around the world in 80 days??

    and rentaghost??

    but a pretty good list. i’d clean forgot about alias the jester, and realise i never truly understood what alias meant at the time and just figured it was just some southern poncey name.

  14. bozzley Says:

    … and moomins??

  15. dlaird Says:

    Rentaghost! – Good call Bozzle. Forgot about it. Didn’t it have a Scottish witch? Friggin’ stereotyping.

    Thought of a couple of more – Button Moon (Hated it) and the Thunderbirds cartoon and Transformers cartoon.

  16. dlaird Says:

    Right. here’s a question for you.

    I can’t remember the name of this one show. It started off with a doll in a shop window. The show was about a family of dolls which came alive during the night or when everyone was out the shop. It wasn’t a cartoon. It was shot how they do Wallace an Gromitt but a lot worse with wooden figures with real clothes on. I think the father character worked in a post office. The post office went on fire in one episode. It was on straight after i got home from primary school so before 4pm or just after. It had really creepy intro music.

    For the life of me i can’t remeber the name of the programme.

  17. hag Says:

    neal, you beat me to it with the swirling wind. duncs, you need a good beating.

  18. NeaL Says:

    I concur Haggis. I’ve been saying it for a long time.

  19. bozzley Says:

    button moon was the business Duncan. you scots are a strange breed. Rory got it tright with chocka chocka chock a block though.

    i used to love the flumps. at one point i was convinced they lived at my grans house.
    i’m not sure why.

    its a like a session of regressive therapy this. i’ll be back in the wardrobe with me dad if i carry on much longer.

  20. dlaird Says:

    You two should get a room.

    Swirling wind? phhffff…

  21. NeaL Says:

    You’d better watch it Laird, or I’ll fix your wagon!

  22. dlaird Says:

    So, none of you chumps know the name of the programme I’m blathering on about above.

    The Smurfs cartoon was pretty good.

  23. bozzley Says:

    dogtanian anyone?

    no idea about your dolls dunc, i thought maybe you meant bagpuss and it was the curch organ mice whos house maybe set on fire… but i dont think so

  24. bozzley Says:


    is this what you are on about? Tottie? firmin and postgate aswell so must be qualilty, but i dont remember it at all. Apparently Emily from bagpuss was one of the voices.

    Thats the beauty of the web, you can go from an ignoramus to an astounding mind of facts on an obscure topic in seconds.

  25. bozzley Says:


    ive become obsessed with finding out about this now. Thanks Duncs.

  26. dlaird Says:

    You’ve found it Boz. Expert sleuthing. It was a really creepy show.

    Boz – what you doing easter weekend?

  27. hag Says:

    did anybody mention mighty mouse? much better than his dangerous cousin, i feel. and a cracking theme tune: heeeeere he comes to save the daaaaay…

  28. bozzley Says:

    well, I’m in Manc for a mate of jans birthday on sat 7th April. not sure of the finer details. Other than that I aint too sure. I’ll have a look on the calendar tonight. fancy some action do you? have you any plans?

  29. bozzley Says:

    mighty mouse certainly was class. I whole heartedly agree better than danger mouse. especially when watched through adult eyes, danger mouse just doesnt go the distance for me.

    can i interest anyone in orm and cheap? fabulous, a proper tear jerking theme tune.

  30. Rory Says:

    What about Saturday mornings?

    Going Live and that silly one on itv with a space ship in a field, a twat with pony tail and a silly looking alien.

    I wanted to rodger Sarah summit from going live.

    Holiday tv? Why don’t you? etc

  31. bozzley Says:

    sarah greene, yeah she was alright til she got mangled up in keith chegwins chopper. I would have had a pop at janet ellis, posh as fuck and dirty to boot.

    what other childrens tv presenters does anyone else wish theyd have done?

  32. Rory Says:

    Mmm, Janet Ellis.

    A yummy, midlle class mummy if ever there was one.

    Sarah Greene was dirty as fuck.

  33. dlaird Says:

    “The Butler” – Gloved for your pleasure.

  34. bozzley Says:

    i wouldnt mind getting my hands into sue from the sooty show. i bet she fits like a glove.

  35. murv Says:

    what about batfink?
    i can´t believe that in 34 comments that name hasn´t been mentioned once,
    ´my wings are like a shield of steel´etc, brilliant.
    i´ll update the blog tomorrow, if anyone can still tolerate it´s horrendously sporadic update system well done, going to the maracanã in a bit for one of the local derby matches/ firework and bottle of urine riots.

  36. bozzley Says:

    I used to think, until very recently, that batfink was a cat.

    dont ask

    A top toon though murv, well done. I’m logged upto youtube so i’ll offer a veiwing of Patricks show. also i’ll send some snaps of the clan out to ‘safe’ people.

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