Conservapedia (Dunc)

Those American God botherers are at it again.

Conservapedia is “an online resource and meeting place where we give full credit to Christianity and America”. It was set up by Andrew Schlafly (Son of right-wing activist Phyllis Schlafly), to counter the supposed anti-Christian and anti-American bias in Wikipedia articles.

Dinosaurs – Creationist scientists believe that dinosaurs and man coexisted based on a number of pieces of evidence rather than the evolutionary view that dinosaurs existed millions of years ago. There are a number of lines of evidence that point to dinosaurs and man coexisting. For example, explorers have reported seeing a live dinosaur. Pairs of various dinosaurs were taken onto Noah’s Ark during the Great Flood.

The Moon – There is no plausible non-creation theory of the origin of the moon at this time.

Atheism – Since atheists have no God as a physical framework atheism simply provides no logical basis for any moral standard. This has led to a large rise in crime, drug use, pre-marital sex, teenage pregnancy, pedophilia [sic] and bestiality. George H.W. Bush has previously stated that he does not believe Atheists should be considered citizens of the United States. Famous atheists include Richard Dawkin and Stalin.

The Earth – In the view of the bible the earth is fixed and the sun revolves around it.

Kangaroos –Modern kangaroos, like all modern animals, originated in the Middle East and are the descendants of the two founding members of the modern kangaroo baramin that were taken aboard Noah’s Ark prior to the Great Flood. There is debate whether this migration (to Australia) happened over land or if they rafted on mats of vegetation torn up by the receding flood waters

Bonobo Chimps – Proponents of evolutionary psychology often point to bonobos as examples of an evolutionary adaptation in which a species acquired the strategy of bartering sex to enhance social status or to resolve disputes. Homosexual activists haved cite bonobos as examples of animals who perform homosexual acts. The National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), a group which believes that homosexuality is a mental disorder that can be cured argues the bonobo behavior is is not sexual but rather are aggressive acts to assert dominance much like when a dog mounts a person’s leg.  Pedophilic [sic] behavior is also common in bonobos.

At least they’re entertaining…

8 Responses to “Conservapedia (Dunc)”

  1. bozzley Says:

    no no no, this is where we are at.

    (almost) proof that its all a computer game.

  2. Rory Says:

    Duncan, I detect an element of humour in the way you refer to these people.

    You should treat them with more respect as they have god on their side and you do not!

    Be careful or they’ll fratwa your heritcal ass to hell

  3. bozzley Says:

    wheres your rant about the budget dunc?

  4. dlaird Says:

    Politics is for loosers.

  5. bartakus Says:

    bozz if you really want to boggle your nind get hold of chaos by james gleick, i read it about 6 months ago and it still wrecking my head now.
    the internet cafe i´m in now is next to an evangelical assembly of god and there is some serious bothering going on in a severe ranting stylee right now i think it´s something about he dwindling numbers in the local dinosaur population.

  6. bozzley Says:

    Cheers Murv, I’ll get onto it. Im reading the god effect. wave/particle duality. they sent stuff through this contraption and it appear in two places at once, and gets there as both waves and particles. crazy.

  7. dlaird Says:

    Boz – Was it in a Jamie Oliver book? I think you’re describing a cheese grater.

  8. bozzley Says:

    thats it, have you seen them? wierd. I cant fathom the science but it freaks me out.

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