I Watched “World Trade Center” [sic] (Dunc)

An Oliver Stone movie (based on a true story) about, you guessed it, the attack on the twin towers.

Ultimately, the film is really about rescue workers successfully getting two chumps out of a 20ft hole in the ground. This event is used by Stone to explore themes of such outlandish originality that I was struck speechless, namely:

1. Families get upset if one of their own is stuck down a 20ft hole covered in chunks of concrete
2. Being down a 20ft hole isn’t a barrel of laughs
3. Camaraderie (verging on Brokebum Mountain) exists amongst policemen and firemen
4. How unbelievably fantastic it was to see members of the public helping the emergency services out (mainly clapping) instead of stealing stuff and making crank phone calls

Even a dullard like me can see that there are perhaps deeper topics to be explored, errr, like maybe why it happened?

I suggest you fast forward the film to the best part at 1 hr 51 mins 30 seconds. Here we see Dave, the retired marine, walking around the ruins and growling into his mobile “We must avenge this!!!!”.  We’re informed a couple of minutes later in the credits that Dave re-inlisted soon after and served 2 tours of duty in Iraq. Well, we all know the evil doing Eyerackeess were responsible. I’m also pinning Nelson Mandela’s imprisonment, Vanessa Felps’s arse and my big nose on them. The bastards.

Stone is now dead to me….. I’m sure he’ll be gutted when he finds out.


37 Responses to “I Watched “World Trade Center” [sic] (Dunc)”

  1. Rory Says:

    Stone is dead!

  2. Sophia Says:

    You shouldn’t be so surprised that it was going to be a big schmaltzy, touching sob-fest, the Americans wouldn’t have wanted it any other way (that’s right I have a big chip on my shoulder!)

    If you want to explore deeper issues you should watch that doc Loose Change. Note, I haven’t actually watched it but I have heard that it presents its consipiracy theories very convincingly. Although I had also read that if his theory really did hold true then about 10 000 people had to be in on the whole thing… but who knows…

  3. Rory Says:

    Or alternatively, you could just spend an evening with rory. The truth is out there!

  4. Rory Says:

    That Rory isn’t me! ARRGGHH!!! Who is he???

    btw don’t bother with Loose Change. It’s not very accurate.

    Saying that. The official version is subterfuge and misdirection.

  5. NeaL Says:

    Rory – stop leaving your posting details on my computer! Also, you’re very critical of Loose Change for a man who hasn’t seen it and only read about it on, ahem, conspiracy websites. Not that I’ve seen it either obviously. Fucking freedom hating conspiracy nuts.

  6. dlaird Says:

    Link to a good article about 9/11


  7. dlaird Says:

    So, no-one has actually seen this documentary? Maybe there isn’t a documentary. Or if there was it’s been covered up by the CIA.

  8. Rory Says:

    Neal; Stop criticising me for not watching something I criticise!

    Dunc: That Monibot article is poorly reasearched. If I had the link to the original posting on the guardian website it’d show the vast majority of comments were ripping holes in his arguments. Surprisingly on his blog the comment section is closed.

    Anyway, Loose Change (not that I’ve seen it), apparently has been re-issued several times to accomodate new stuff and get rid of ridiculous stuff.
    Monibot has a point. It is a distraction. It’s inaccurate and mearly serves to discredit legitimate reaserch by taring the ‘truthers’ with the same incompetent brush.

    The 3 buildings which collapsed, did so in a manner which, if the official story is true, contravenes Newtonian physics.

    All the subterfuge and misdirection can’t hide the anomalous. Steel framed buildings don’t collapse due to fire. Not then, not now, not ever.

  9. Rory Says:

    Look on google video for Loose Change if you want to see it.

    See the ‘Warren comission, Mark 2’ for the official story of what happened.

  10. NeaL Says:

    Duncan – your blog is turning into a conspiracy site! I told you this would happen if you made Rory your guest blogger.

  11. dlaird Says:

    “The 3 buildings which collapsed, did so in a manner which, if the official story is true, contravenes Newtonian physics.”

    “seel framed buildings don’t collapse due to fire”

    You’e not a demolition expert. Independent experts disagree – http://wtc.nist.gov/pubs/Media_Public_Briefing_040505_final.pdf

  12. bozzley Says:

    I looked it up ages ago and the bloke seemed like a bit of a twat.

    He basically looked at “digitally enhanced” photos and then came to conclusions such as “that hole doesnt look very big” and “I know more about everything than anyone”.

    apparently he used gene morrison as his forensic expert

    besides which he first made the first documentary as a piece of fiction, it was a film script about a kid who develops a conspiracy theory. then someone read it and told him it was all true, and he believed him despite having made it all up in the first place.

  13. bozzley Says:

    “So, no-one has actually seen this documentary? Maybe there isn’t a documentary. Or if there was it’s been covered up by the CIA.”

    they reckon most conspiracy theorys are made up by the CIA to divert attention away from the truth. but maybe thats a conspiracy theory too, made up by the CIA… etc

  14. NeaL Says:

    Duncs – NIST isn’t independent. I thought the .gov website would possibly give that away. Just pointing it out before Rory does.

    I have heard though that the worlds top engineering journal and 300 independently polled structural engineers have supported the theory that the impact from fuel laden planes and subsequent fires COULD have caused the buildings to collapse. I haven’t personally read this information WITH MY OWN EYES, but it sounds plausible to me. Well, certainly more plausible than Rory’s hologram theory.

    ^^Did you see what I did there by the way, using UPPER CASE to emphasise my points. If this blog is going to turn into a conspiracy debating site, I may as well do like the Romans.

  15. Rory Says:

    Hologram theory? When did I ever say that?

    Modern, Steel framed buildings MIGHT collapse (due to fire) but not in the manner in which they were observed to.

    Also Neal; I’v been guest blogger for a year and have AVOIDED conspiracy theorys when’st posting. So your warning to Dunc is as UNFOUNDED as the official CONJECTURE, that the buildings collapsed due to fire.

  16. NeaL Says:

    In Liverpool once, you definately told me and alan about a theory that the buildings did not actually collapse, and that what we saw was actually a hologram.

    Otherwise, fair enough, you’ve been restrained.

  17. Rory Says:

    Maybe but then again I’m sure I’ve told you about the seven cities of Mars where from our ancestors fled before landing on earth and splicing their genetic code with indigenous monkees to propogate modern Homo Sapiens.

  18. Parkes Says:

    There was a documentry on BBC2 the other night called the conspiracy files.

    It basically pulled Loose Change to pieces and they interviewed the young kid who made Loose Change (who incidently has a film deal of the back off it) and he was almost in tears because really he couldn’t answer a lot of the facts that were put to him by indepedent sources.

    There is still a lot of unanswered questions like why did World Trade Centre 7 fall down? But that loose change is a pile of shit really!!

  19. bozzley Says:

    I think the third building fell down because the other two fell on top of it.

  20. Rory Says:

    The other 2 fell on many other buildings which were closer and they didn’t collapse. (See Marriott Hotel). The tower’s collapse did SUPERFICIAL (Cheers Neal) damage to build 7.
    Building 7 was demolished. End of.

    BBC anounced live on air that it had collapsed. The reporter saying this had building 7 still standing behind her. They then pulled the live feed minutes before the collapse.

    BBC have now ‘lost’ all of their archived footage from 911.

  21. Rory Says:

    Arright. Stitch that.

    A bloke named Mohamed has confessed to ‘everything a-z regarding the 9/11’ .

    His trial at Guantanimo Bay has finally put an end to speculation theat there may have been any insider involvement.

    I repent! GW Bush was right all along. It was the Arabs with Iraqi aid and support.



  22. dlaird Says:

    In the spirit of Occam’s Razor –

    – Extreme Muslims exist and they really don’t like the West very much
    – Some of these folks hijacked some planes. Planes have been successfuly hijacked by terrorists before
    – They fly them into the twin towers, a big symbol of the West’s power
    – The towers fall down because of they were hit by, what in effect were big missiles.

    To me, this chain of events and reasoning stands up to any consipracy theory I’ve come across. The US government hasn’t been forthright about a few things. I expect this from an administration that essentially let the attack happen. They fucked up.

  23. Rory Says:

    Here’s what really happened.


    -People in power (for the past twenty years since Bush Snr, I mean Reagan was elected). They have a dilema.
    -They have corruply mis-spent the tax income of America in subsidising their corprate buddies and having too many jollies.
    -This in turn has resulted in defecit spending, increasing year in year out
    -The defecit in 2000 was estimated to be around double figure, trillions. (Obviously not what they’re declaring but anyway)
    -The new president wasn’t elected but takes office anyway.

    He’s not a big hit. What to do? They, without income will oversee a economic collapse for which the ’27 crash will look like an upturn by comparison.

    -A year or so later the entire airforce command is put in the Vice Pres’s control(for the first time in it’s history)
    -The day of ‘simulated attacks’ some of which involve ‘flying planes into prominent buildings’ on the Eastern seaboard, the entire airforce command is stood down. (Another first for NORAD)
    -4 planes are similtaniously hijacked and nobody notices.
    -Pres reads stories to school kids
    -The pilots (who are described as poor students having only flown Cesnas and practiced with MS Flight Simulator) proceed to fly 2 planes into WTC and 1 into the Pentegon.
    -These buildings (WTC) then collapse in a manner reminicent of controlled demolition, falling symetrically into their footprints.
    -A third building (pretty much undamaged compared to many buildings closer, which didn’t collapse, well, ever!) collapses in a manner reminicent…
    -These are the only three buildings in modern history to do so according to new laws of physics invented by the Warren commision mark 2.


    The next day, with no investigation, Al Quieda and OB Laden are blamed.

    A couple of weeks later plans are being drawn up to invade Afganistan. The source or much of the world’s heroin. And deal for a gas pipeline which was originally drawn up during Bush’s gubernatorial office in Texas. (Of course it’s convientently ignored by the media that heroin production has risen back to 95% of pre-Taliban rule. Good guys the Yanks. looking out for the lowly Opium farmer)

    When Senate doesn’t play ball anthrax is sent to key congressmen’s offices and several postal workers die. (the subsequent investigation, by the FBI, leads to US Bio-Weapons Labs). There the investigation ends with no awkward questions asked by the media.

    There are now plans being drawn up for the invasion of Iraq.

    Congress and senate give the thumbs up to Patriot Act 1.

    Morgage lenders are, at this time, starting to issue sub-prime morgages. This leads to a housing boom. These morgages don’t have as stringent criteria and people are borrowing more than they can afford.

    Blah, blah, blah, Iraq war. Many more people killed than Sadam killed. Lower standard of living etc…


    Iran any time soon. Could be weeks, could be months but before the Autumn. They need to do it soon because the housing bubble has burst. You didn’t see it happen. But it’s gone, pop!

    This will be one of the most interesting in our short lives.

    (Alright. I got bored and thought I’d wrap it up quickly)

  24. Rory Says:

    My Engerlish sucks bushes Khok !!

  25. dlaird Says:

    Rory – So why don’t people talk or was this conspiracy engineered and executed only by a dunce (GW Bush) and his numpty friends.

    You give too much credit and ability to people in power. They’re people like me and you. People don’t suddenly become evil sociopaths with mind control abilities and almost God-like strategic foresight and planning when they join the higher echelons of Government.

  26. Rory Says:

    Sorry about that post. I wrote a load of shit.

    I’m still pretty certain that the buildings were CD’ed but my English has shamed me at this moment.

    Anyway. They’re greedy and amoral. So they’ll do things they want to do and lie and cover up when they don’t want us to find out.

    Except a lot more people are talking about these things, seemingly more and more every day. That’s a curiousity in itself. The mainstream media discredits and portrays CTs as risable.

    Rarely do you see any serious debate and it’s mostly hit pieces. There are many facets of CT’s which seem to bear serious attention, however it all comes under the same umbrella. Nut jobs!

    It’s easy to follow the line of thought which implies that’s exactly what they want us all to think. Funny that, coincidence and all.

    Which leaves the question; how do you judge (anything for that matter) what is true and what is bullshit?

    For what constitutes a reliable source these days?

  27. hag Says:

    sorry, dont know anything about this but the ’27 crash was in ’29.

  28. dlaird Says:

    Hag – The “true” crash was in ’27. The ’29 crash didn’t really happen.

  29. Rory Says:

    You’re right. It was ’29, Liam.

    Like I said that post’s a load of shit

  30. Swiss James Says:

    I like ice-cream

  31. Rory Says:

    James; you have hit upon common ground with which we can all agree.

    Any disenters?

  32. Joe Says:

    fecking ice cream eaters. cause of all the worlds problems. I say we bomb ’em.

  33. bozzley Says:

    Has anyone seen the film “the stuff”?

  34. dlaird Says:

    Boz – Crazy at it seems I think I’ve sent his film on VHS when I was a kid. Is it about white stuff from outer space which people start eating because it tastes good? I can’t remember how they managed to contrive a plot where people would choose to eat white gunk from outer space…

  35. bozzley Says:

    thats exactly it. of course it was based on a factual account of the ice cream conspiracy.

    from which i can only summise that james is in on the whole wtc thing.
    which can be the only explanation for his frequent and lengthy trips abroad which began in ernest around the time of 9/11. highly suspect.
    and i believe in his job he works with aeroplanes.
    and computers. of course computers can be used to do lots of things if handled by people who know how to programme them. and guess what james studied at university…

    come on swiss, the cats out of the bag.

  36. dlaird Says:

    He also lives in a hi-tech base on an island under a volcano.

    I’m surprised I hadn’t made the evil crackpot connection before.

  37. murv Says:

    i leave you guys for a couple of days and now i have to take the reading material home with me to keep up to speed. what kind of blog have you spawned oh laird, what monster have you created.
    i watched wtc the movie on the plane on the way down under and over half its duration was a black screen with 2 men shouting each others name cut with 10 second shots of women holding hankies, you sure it was oliver stone? was he not in tower 7?

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