Odd Google (Dunc)

There’s a section in my blog admin pages which lets me see the terms people have typed into search engines which has then led them to pages on my blog. Usually, these terms are what you’d expect i.e. “Too Many Ribs”, “Kojak Ribs”, “Duncan Laird”, “round the world” etc. Now and again I’ll get the odd weird one like THIS. Yesterday, things went a bit bonkers –

chimps – 5 hits
fashiontv alexa chang – 2 hits
man eating bear – 2 hits
big raz mate – 2 hits
humpig dog – 1 hit
bison shit – 1 hit
fast foods are becoming normal in our da – 1 hit
animals kiss – 1 hit
how many ribs does woman have? – 1 hit

I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted about a man eating bear or bison shit come to that. Surely I’d remember?

3 Responses to “Odd Google (Dunc)”

  1. Sophia Says:

    If no one searched for porn and got your site then it’s not worth posting…

  2. dlaird Says:

    “animal kiss” and “dog humping”….

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    Odd Google (Dunc) « Too Many Ribs To Kiss Kojak

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