Long Live the Bouff!!!………..the Bouff is Dead (Dunc)

The last time I had my haircut was in Mumbai, August 19th 2006. You can read all about it HERE. This is the result of such neglect:

Well, the time had come for me to say bye-bye to my bouff. We’d had some great times together travelling the world. I’m gonna miss you buddy:

13 Responses to “Long Live the Bouff!!!………..the Bouff is Dead (Dunc)”

  1. hag Says:

    duncs youve gone and made a terrible mistake.

  2. NeaL Says:

    You should have got it permed.

  3. dlaird Says:

    Hag – I’m sad but it was necessary. When I start work again on Monday I won’t have the time to tame the bouff every morning.

  4. dlaird Says:

    Campbell – If i would have permed it I think the universe would have ended. Similar to crossing ghostbuster streams or bumming yer own ma before you’re born.

  5. bozzley Says:

    Dont let the bastards grind you down. you shoudl have blacked up and gone in ‘fro-tastic. If they saack you, its racial discrimination. front page of the sun for a week and a middle spread in hello at least id say. then from there its a spring board to the stars via celeb bb

    cant you just glue it all back on or something?

  6. bozzley Says:

    oh, and ive got a new job. get in.

  7. bozzley Says:

    i thought id better tell you first duncs.

  8. bozzley Says:

    besides which, addding loads of comments will make you feel popular when you check your site next.

  9. dlaird Says:

    Boz – Let me guess. Harry Potter’s stunt double or one of the PG Tips chimps body double?

  10. hag Says:

    another one for your lookalikes, pre-de-bouffing: sideshow bob. no?

  11. NeaL Says:

    With a perm and moustache you’d have been souness-tastic. Just like yer da!

  12. hag Says:

    nah, souness was scottish unlike mr laird. there was not an ounce of fellafel in him. whats the job boz?

  13. bozzley Says:

    I’m Harry Potters stunt double. I got rejected for the pg tips chimp position.

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