Mooking Around England (Dunc)

It all kicked off with a train trip down to London town last Wednesday. The Back Keys were playing Shepherds Bush Empire and I was lucky enough to have a ticket:

The Blacks Keys are a two piece band from the US who play gut wrenching, old skool blues. On the night they were fantastic. The drummer played like a beast and I was in awe of the midget singer/guitarist.  They’re one of the best live acts I’ve seen who make a sound much bigger and more complex than any two piece has the right to do. Highly recommended.

The night was slightly tarnished by a deeply distrubing flyer I chanced upon: 

Yup, Steven Segal and his band “Thunderbox” will soon be playing in a town near you. The choice of flyer photo is inspired. Segal looks like he’s trying to figure out what the thing in his right hand is while scratching his balls with his left. 100% cock.

 I caught the train up to Stockport the next day in order to find a room to rent before I start work again on March 12th. My friend Richard and his Nepalese wife Milly put me up at their house (and fed me lovely dhal bhat) for a couple of days while I house hunted. They both speak fluent Nepalese. I tried and immediately discovered I have forgotten almost all the Nepalese I learned in Nepal. Damn drugs. Damn beer. Fortunately, the house hunting was successful. I’m moving into a great house with two lovely girls (Rachel and Emma) on Saturday.

Jumped on yet another train on Saturday afternoon to visit my great buddy Joe and his girlfriend Bri in the Retoford Ghetto:

I hadn’t seen Joe in over 10 months so it was good to catch up. Me, Joe, Bri and her friend Lucy headed out for beers and food at their local pub. I ate one of the best pub meals I’ve had in my life. Homemade steak and ale pie with mash potatoes, peas and gray. Top notch.

Beers flowed freely during the rest of the night. The girls went home at 11:00pm but we carried on bravely into the wee hours chasing Guiness. Finally staggered back to the house at 3am and quietly crept to bed like tiny, timid mice….. Well, not exactly. Joe made Zubrowka vodka and apple juice drinks, we watched an hour of Jackass the movie 2, I played drunken guitar and we laughed and talked loudly. Unfortunately, Bri isn’t deaf and we woke her up. Ooops. Well, we only stayed up until 5am:

Felt a bit guilty on Sunday morning due to our late night antics.. The guilt wasn’t relieved any when Bri cooked us a lovely fry up. Definitley not deserved. Lounged about the rest of the day nursing a nasty hangover and watched Clerks 2.

In the evening using the magic of new technology we chatted to our mates Owen and Murv(visiting Owen) in New Zealand on webcam and Windows Live messenger:

I remember when all you could do on a computer was change the screen colour and make beeping noises. Must be getting old.

10 Responses to “Mooking Around England (Dunc)”

  1. Sophia Says:

    You can blame the French for keeping Segal employed. They constantly play his movies on TV, he’s invited on to their awards shows, though he doesn’t speak a word of french, and they devote HUGE billboard space in their metros to his concerts… it’s inexplicable.

  2. bozzley Says:

    he best not be coming to a town near me.

  3. NeaL Says:

    Duncs, by the sound of it bri got off lightly this time compared to your last visit. If I remember correctly the catalogue of destruction included you leaving an unpleasant deposit in the toilet, and Barney pulling the door off the wall.

  4. dlaird Says:

    Sophia – The French eh? Hmm, I think you’re an American Republican CIA employee hiding behind the disguise of a Canadian, cartoon loving blogger trying to dirty the name of our French brothers. Freedom fries for dinner today by any chance?

    Boz – I’m coming to get you soon. Im after a new wand. Cheers for telling me about your new Blog. Oh no, wait, you didn’t.

    Neal – Jose was responsible for the turd. Alan was the door. Bri broke her own blind. I think Rich broke the toilet. I think me and you were responsible for creating bad taste and leaving glasses at the next door neighbours.

    Good times.

  5. Sophia Says:

    Oy! I had to survive through their administrative nightmare for a year… so I’ll gladly eat my freedom fries which, by the way, are Belgian. Hmph!

  6. bozzley Says:

    Dunc you big girl, word of my musings is spread via word of mouth. I ‘m no PR machine, grinding out top 10 blogs every week.

    I’m underground man.

  7. bozzley Says:

    I remember a time, many years ago when Jose did a shit so bad it gave him a nose bleed. I believe it was in the toilets on a coach coming back from france. We hadnt even left France. Lovely jubbly.

  8. NeaL Says:

    Boz, thanks for sharing that. The world is undoubtedly a happier place now that that information is in the public domain.

  9. Rory Says:

    Hah! I am the king of unwanted toilet deposits. Ask Dunc. He may still have the photo ‘floating’ about.

  10. bozzley Says:

    Dunc left a few hanging around the pool in his brief respite at albemarle. not your common all garden two flush floaters neither, just neanderthallic shit and go’s. dear me, what they mde of him in foreignshire i dont know.

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