Trip to Norn Iron (Dunc)

After 12 long hours of train and ferry travel I eventually made it to war torn Belfast on Thursday evening:


These are the scenes that greeted me as once again troubles flared between the Islamic Republican Army (IRA) and the Buddhist Militants(Orange Men). Nasty business.

I took the risky trip to Belfast to meet up with my good mates Neal and Rory. After dropping my bags off at their flat it was straight back out the door and down to their local pub (“Ryan’s”) for a few bevies and to catch up. The beer had a strange effect on Rory:

On to Friday. My good friend Alan “Barney” McGarvey picked me up and drove me to his hometown and Buddhist stronghold of Randalstown. We had a quiet night drinking and catching up at his local and Randlastown’s only gay bar “O’Caines”.

On to Saturday and the 6 nations rugby on telly. In a most noble gesture, Scotland, feeling sorry for Italy on the anniversary of Mussolini’s death let the the Italians beat them. Wales looked good for a few minutes but then the match kicked off and the dirty English scumbags were soundly thrashed by Ireland in a historic game at Dublin’s “Coca Cola Park”. Good stuff.

On to the evening, in buoyant (pisssed up) mood me, Alan, Neal and Ali (Neal’s missus) headed out into Belfast town. Unfortunately, Rory couldn’t make it becasue of a bad back. I can’t remember much of the night but I managed to take some photos:

I can’t make up my mind whether Alan looks more like a vampire or WWF’s Paul Bearer?:


For a few more photos please click HERE.

4 Responses to “Trip to Norn Iron (Dunc)”

  1. hag Says:

    looks like a laugh. but since when has neal had a bird!? keep me in the loop big man! alan looks like a slightly jaundiced vampire, id say.

  2. NeaL Says:

    Haggis – My apologies, it’s just hard not being able to share my life with you, like in the good old days at Garmoyle Road.

  3. hag Says:

    i feel you big man. not literally, not like those days we should never speak of again…
    good on you mate, hope its going well!

  4. Rory Says:

    Good stuff!

    Hang on a second. Wasn’t I there?

    Painkillers and beer have taken their toll

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