Norn Iron and Happy Hearts (Dunc)

I’m very excited – I’m hitting the road again tomorrow! 

It feels like I’ve been back in the UK for an age but it’s only been a couple of weeks. I’m off to Belfast for the weekend to meet up with some very good friends – Rory (Other Blogger on this site), Neal (Mick Hucknall lookalike and prolific commenter) and Alan (Hairy chimp). Much beer, Buckfast and spirits will undoubtedly flow. I’m mentally and physically prepared to face the wrath of the beer monkey.

In a bid to stem the amount of airplane related carbon dioxide I’ve been indirectly pumping into the atmosphere in recent times I’ve decided not to fly. Instead, I’m getting the train to Hollyhead, then ferry to Dublin and then train to Belfast. It’s going to take a lengthy 12 and a half hours but I’m a tree hugger at heart and it’s always good to keep your heart happy.


2 Responses to “Norn Iron and Happy Hearts (Dunc)”

  1. NeaL Says:

    Bring it on Laird!

  2. Prof. Bibby Says:

    Sp. “airplane” should read “aeroplane” in paragraph 3.

    Otherwise, 6/10. Some good story-telling and engagement of the reader here. One almost begs to know what came of the protagonists after drinking the mystical “Buckfast” elixir.
    As if one didn’t know.

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