Rufus Must Die (Dunc)

It appears the American “Hearts and Minds” campaign in Iraq could do with a bit of work.

Well, they say practise makes perfect. Hopefully by the time the Coalition of the Willing get around to Iran they’ll have the right tools to end those evil fundamentalist mother fuckers once and for all. We can only hope and pray.

Selective videos you may argue? Well good for flipping you…….. Aw shucks, Im sorry.

You best click on THIS link to find out how the experts professionally cover the horrors unfolding in the middle east. They’re an example to us all.

And why the hell hasn’t Rufus Wainwright become a suicide bomber yet? For the love of God please.

5 Responses to “Rufus Must Die (Dunc)”

  1. Owen Says:

    This is shit. Get off your political soapbox and show us some more pictures of your bouff, boozey nights out and travelling girls in bikinis…

  2. dlaird Says:

    Owen – It’s a mind trick. When I do get around to posting about booze and bikinis it will seem all the better.

  3. hag Says:

    not a fan of rufus dunc? think hes done some good stuff meself. really liking willy masons “save myself” too at the moment, know thats up your street. not sure about his other stuff though. oh yeah, and im with owen, this is shit. where are the birds?

  4. dlaird Says:

    One political post and it all goes to pot! Perhaps I should start putting quiz questions up..

    Willy Mason is good but Rufus just annoys me.

  5. Owen Says:

    Quiz questions are yesterdays news… far too interesting. I like to think of my website offering a valuable service to my readers – I comfort them with proof that there’s someone out there with a life more dull than their own.

    And if they’re still not convinced there’s a link to James’ website too.

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