It’s What Bill Would Have Wanted (Dunc)

I stumbled across the question below on the website for an ABC quiz show called the Einstein Factor:

Bill Hicks died at the age of 32 from cancer of which organ?

Wow! Who would have thought topical cancer death questions were the meat and potatoes of light entertainment shows in the US? I’m cashing in and sending this question idea to the producers of “Family Fortunes”:

 “Of 100 terminally ill patients surveyed the most popular cancer was …?”

Channel Five is allegedly expanding the “cancer” concept with a new Big Brother type show. Viewers will be asked to vote patients “out” of the Big Brother Ward and future chemotherapy treatments. Gary Bushell is rumoured to be the front runner to host the show, a whisker ahead of Davina McCall who is shortly expecting her 15th litter of pups. TV execs feel the new series will help to improve the tarnished image of the current crop of reality TV shows.

Who am I to argue with television progress?

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