Ignorance is Probably Bliss (Dunc)

A friend just e-mailed me THIS YouTube video link.

Aside from the biased editing and obvious targeting of the most gullible people they could find……Well, quite frankly, it’s just not right. On this evidence I’m turning my back on Darwin and throwing my lot in with the Creationists.

I also think it’s a bit unfair constantly picking on the “Septic Tanks”. I think you’d get a similar response by targeting chumps in any country of the world. Except Scotland of course where people would be too pissed to answer, or fucked off their heads on smack or struck speechless by the painful grip of deep fried fuelled heartattacks.

Rab C. Nesbitt

2 Responses to “Ignorance is Probably Bliss (Dunc)”

  1. murv Says:

    brilliant, keep scouring the net for all of the best bits dunk, i’m back to paying by the minute.
    do you reckon the guy behind the bar in the rab photo could be another look a like for me?

  2. NeaL Says:

    That’s you in a couple of years murv.

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