I’m Back in the UK (Dunc)

To be precise in London. To be even more precise in the Britania Pub, Euston station where I’ve just sated my appetite with a full English Breakfast. Thoroughly deserved after a 22 odd hour flight from Sydney. I’m using the wizzardry of Wi-Fi to connect to the web as I wait for my train back to the Newtown Ghetto at 12:40.

 It’s friggin’ cold – minus 3!! Being back hasn’t really sank in yet. I think I’ll leave the trip summary, “best of…” and “What have I learned” update until later in the week when I’ve had a few days to think about stuff.

So, I left you poised to go out on “Mad Monday” with all the Asylum Hostel regulars. Here’s (not a very good) photo of us before we hit the bars:

To say the ale flowed after this photo was taken is by no means an understatement. We moved off and claimed our free drinks and meal in the Fitzroy Hotel (my local), back to the hostel to drink “Goon wine” then on to the Irish bar, then the World Bar and then finally the “Empire” club for free drinks. Empire is just like “Crystals” in Newtown, Jabez Clegg in Manchester and “The Raz” in Liverpool. Expensive alcohol, shite music and tarts galore – both male and female.

Coincidentally, “Mad Monday” happened to be Fernando’s 20th birthday. Fernando is a long-term stayee, stayer resident at the Asylum Hostel, is from Argentina and is a good lad with more than a passing resemblance to the “Karate Kid”:

Fernando had managed to get a couple of hanfuls of free drink vouchers for Empire. These were quickly cashed in for pints, jugs and schooners of snakebite and black. By the end of the night I had the telltale blackcurrant dribble down the front of my shirt. I was pretty  wasted as these picutres well attest.  First me with Joe and his South African girlfriend:

Lovely couple. Next me with a Canadian. Note the snakebite stains on the front of my shirt:

And finally me with Kelsey (Canada) and Amy (HongKong/England).

I’m very proud of my dirty old man leer….

In a state of severe drunkardness I decided to make it a night at 3am. On the way out of the club I spotted something that I hadn’t seen in ages. A Pacman game table:

Undoubtedly one of the finds and highlights of my trip. Too bad I was too drunk to have a go. Just thought. Another good point about Empire is that no-one can smoke – like in many bars and clubs in Sydney. As a non-smoker it really is refreshing not having to breath in clouds of smoke all night and not having your clothes stink of fags the next day.

Upon exit of da club my homing instinct served me well. Mere minutes after leaving I ended up in a kebab shop. As so often happens in these establishments the Turkish/Greek owner thought I was Turkish/Greek. I ordered a $6 donner kebab. Most surprised to find beetroot and cheese hidden in the blighter. Less surprised to find most of it down my shirt the following morning.

Ah, the following morning. Fond memories. Not really. Hangover from hell. It felt like the beer monkeys from all the countries I’ve visited had got together for one final hurrah. They’d also somehow managed to steal all my money even though drinks were free most of the night. Dirty little blighters!!

Early afternoon I packed my rucksack for the last time on this trip. Caught the shuttle to the airport and crawled on my flight to the UK. End of my trip. 246 days. It’s been a blast.

 For a couple more photos please click HERE

7 Responses to “I’m Back in the UK (Dunc)”

  1. bozzley Says:

    It was lovely and sunny til you turned up, cheers Dunc.

    So whats your itinenary in the UK?

    haircut, job,…?

  2. Rory Says:

    More like Immigration, home office, Shady bloke in Camden who ‘can get you a job hush hush’.

    Only joking Dunc. The country has been worse off for you being away. Welcome home.

  3. joe Says:

    welcome home mate, looking forward to hearing tales of the travelling al-Laird from the man himself. over a few proper ales o’ course. if your liver’s up to it after that last night out…

  4. Rory Says:

    When you comin over to Belfast?

  5. NeaL Says:

    Welcome back laird. Be seeing you soon?

  6. Swiss James Says:

    People thinking you’re turkish must be rough- but imagine being a black man trapped in a white man’s body.

    Welcome home

  7. Kev Says:

    Very pleased to hear you enjoyed your halfthewayaround the world trip. Shame you didn’t stay in oz for a few days more to give em some shit about the cricket!

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