Still in Sydney – But I’m Coming Home Soon (Dunc)

I was due to fly from Sydney to Auckland to LA to New York to London arriving home on the 25th of Feb, 2007. My plans have changed somewhat. I’m now flying back to the UK directly from Sydney and will arrive in London on 7th Feb – basically in a couple of days time!

 I suppose I must explain myself. Fundamentally problems with my RTW ticket are to blame. Money is also becoming a issue. Throw in a bit of travel fatigue – whatever that is. Add a dash of future employment decisions that need made  toot sweet [sic] and the fact I want enough time and money to travel at least a little bit in Europe before starting work again.

So there you have it. Now on to an overdue update from Sydney.

Shortly after I posted the last update Murv left e to go up north on a kangaroo, penguin and shark hunt. Sad to see him go. We had  a reet good time mooking around Sydney drinking our livers yellow on tasty TwoBuckAroo wine!!

Not one to dwell on the past I soon replaced the empty Murv shaped hole in my life with new mates to bum around with –

From left to right – Fran from Italy, Amy from the UK and Kelsey form Canada. This photo was taken on our way to Taronga Zoo (probs would have been a better photie if I’d have told everyone I was taking it!). Murv and I had tried on numerous times to make it out there but always failed to get up in time – that is before midday.

Although I’m a big fan of animals and wildlife it had been some time since I’d been to a zoo. I think the last time was Budapest Zoo with Barney McGrumble back in the day. Well, from this day forth I’m gonna make it my business to go to more zoos. – it was ace.

My favourite animals were the chimps but alas I forgot to take any pictures because I was so awestruck by the hairy devils. My other favourites included the lions (friggin’ huge in real life!):

The gorillas (This one appears to be giving me the finger):

And the orangutans (a lot more hairy than I imagined):

Err, so basically all the primates really.

 It’s the last full day of my trip tomorrow. Fortunately it’s mad Monday here at the hostel. Ten Ozzy bucks (£4) buys you a full meal, 4 beers, a shitload of terrible wine and a big pub crawl. I reckon I’m gonna get pissed. Will update before flying out on Tuesday evening.

For a couple more photos please click HERE

10 Responses to “Still in Sydney – But I’m Coming Home Soon (Dunc)”

  1. Rory Says:

    So soon Dunc. I’m sure you will have many tales to tell. It’ll be good to see you in the flesh again

  2. Rory Says:

    Cute girls btw!

  3. hag Says:

    ah so that was the news.

  4. swiss james Says:

    I’d get well sick of living out of a bag if I travelled for that long, so fair do’s.

    If you get back to Manchester quicksharp, you might be in time to buy your Rangers beanbag back from the charity shop

  5. Donoman Says:

    It would be cool to catch up if you do come up north. I think the charity shop lady shat on your rangers beanbag the set it alight!

  6. bozzley Says:

    i thought you usually bummed around with boys dunc. still, hope to see your bouff uponce your return.

  7. NeaL Says:

    I’m distressed to hear that you’re coming back soon Duncan. Can I also take this opportunity to warn you that if you come anywhere near my flat I’ll release the hounds.

  8. bozzley Says:

    i wouldnt do that neal, judging by Duncs recent liasons. unless they ugly hounds

  9. Sophia Says:

    So you’ll never get to make it out to Toronto to see the Leafs play? It’s just as well, I don’t think they’re going to make it much further… enjoy the rest of your trip!

  10. Joe Says:

    blimey charlie, just caught up on your posts and was looking forward to at least another month of your tales of excitement and adventure mixed wi minor travel setbacks but you’re already on your way back. safe trip an that, look forward to comparing the bouffs over an ale or two.

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