Not a long post for yo’all.

The Botanic Inns group have purchaced an outlet in my native Downpatrick.

This means only one thing…

Downpatrick now has it’s first WARMASTER tap!


Those fools might call it Warsteiner but I KNOW I’m right.

It is second (in Northern Ireland in my rightious opinion) only to BITBURGER

The outlet is Denvir’s

Happy days!

Rejoice all ye sinners for the lord hath taken thee in his mercy and brought the holy nectar to within reach of your unworthy lips.

Rory 3.69

10 Responses to “WARMASTER (Rory)”

  1. bozzley Says:

    I truly am speachless

  2. Rory Says:

    Pray tell boz. Why are you speechless?

  3. hag Says:

    i come on here looking for the tremendous news shamelessly propagated on james of little hair in chinas site, and theres nowt here dunc! what are you on about bouffed one? also, rory, i have no idea what your post is about. can you enlighten me?

  4. Rory Says:

    Liam san. It’s about my love of German beer and in particular the 2 brands mentioned above.

    The pub denvir’s now has a Warsteiner tap meaning I can drink quality lager whn visiting my home town.

    Shameless promotion of two products I know. I should be down on advertising and all that but I really, really like the beer.

    Dunc is visiting his long lost cousins in the bush (I think?).

  5. dlaird Says:

    Rors – You didn’t reference your quote correctly (See below)

    Rory 3.69 – “The Book of Bob”

  6. Rory Says:

    Forgive me Dunc. I was drinking some of the said, holy nectar at the time.

    “for not they who listen but those who sayeth shall salvation misapropriate”

    god said. I think…

  7. bozzley Says:

    i am speachless because i naturally assumed this was the news flash as dramatically broadcast by the laird. i would like to assure you that i am no longer speachless. undoubtedly good news for you rory, unfortunatley bad news for me as Ducns imminent arrival back in the mother land will mean my children will not be allowed to play outside for fear to their safety. so where i was no longer speachless, i now am once again.

  8. Rory Says:

    Good news for my love of Warmaster. Bad news for my liver.

    As for dunc. At least he’s distinctive looking. Hard for the tykes to miss and all that.

  9. NeaL Says:

    Give me a pint of cold, chemical Harp any day Rory.

  10. Rory Says:

    BOO! HISS! Ok that’s enough of me slagging Spurs fans.

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