Australia Day!!! (Dunc)

For those who don’t know,  the 26th January 2007 was Australia Day! Being in Sydney and all we thought it would be rude not to celebrate in the traditional Australian way i.e. drinking many schooners of beer throughout the day and getting thoroughly pissed.

Here we are in the morning cracking open the first beer of the day on a grass verge beside a busy road:

From left to right (Murv – Doncaster, Martin – UK, Oscar – Lithuania, Nemah – Iran, Nick – Sweden). A good multicultural mix by anyones standards.

As we walked around in the glorious sunshine it become apparent that Australia Day is a pretty big deal here. Most people were wearing some form of patriotic adornment, be it an Australian flag painted on their cheek or full body flag wearing. Parks were full of different events from music concerts to vintage car displays. The sky was often dotted with planes and paragliders writing nonsense in white smoke. It was all very festive and good fun.

It made me a bit sad to think that a “United Kingdom Day” along similar lines wouldn’t work. Union Jack waving in Britain is synonymous with nasty things like the BNP, the Tories and Alf Garnett. I’ve also got no doubt people wouldn’t behave themselves and there would be mas rioting all over the country. It’s just occurred to me. I didn’t see any policemen/women while walking around on Australia Day – they really weren’t needed.

We spent a good portion of the day in Darling Harbour discussing national GDPs(?), laughing at the English cricket team’s horrendous performance and trying (and failing) to spot additional Iranians. Nemah is the first Iranian I’ve met on my travels. He’s a dentist who flew in from Iran a few days ago. He’s planning to emigrate to Oz. He’s the nicest fella you could hope to meet – definitely not a “Doer of evil”. He only gets pissed off when people (Yanks) call him an EYE-ranian. While chatting to him I suddenly realised that bombs could be falling on him and his family in the near future if BushBlair decide they want Iranian oil. It’s fucked up that’s what it is.

Late afternoon it was back to the hostel to refuel with a selection of finely barbecued meats:

And quaffing of $2 Buckaroo wine:

Then it was back out to hit a few bars:

Sweet as a bag of nuts. 

For a couple more photos please click HERE

8 Responses to “Australia Day!!! (Dunc)”

  1. Rory Says:

    Good stuff Dunc.

    Neal and I went for a couple of bevvies and found all the barstaff wearing cork hats and the bar decked out in flags and ‘roos and shit. Even a couple of aussie birds at the bar.

    Hmm, something wasn’t right. Later we discovered it’s their national holiday.

    They should ban austrailia and failing that ban any celebration of it.

    Hope you’re having a lovely time there!!

  2. NeaL Says:

    Indeed. The Aussies weren’t too impressed when Rory pointed out that New Zealand have a proper rugby team.

  3. swiss james Says:

    don’t these eye-ranians insist on being called Persians? I would if I was them anyway

  4. bozzley Says:

    maybe not a united kingdom day though, otherwise itd mean the welsh, scots and some of those funny irish would spoil things for us englishers. perhaps, england day? sounds good, im in.

  5. dlaird Says:

    Boz – You’re Nigerian. You have no say.

  6. NeaL Says:

    England day. Pfft. Like the english have anything to celebrate. Get a grip.

  7. Rory Says:

    Nationalism and it’s celebration have as much place in the modern world as syphlis has in a healthy, sexual relationship.

    They’ve already got St Griffin’s (or is that Mosley) day. (Sorry I mean George)

    You know, when everyone decks out in blackshirts and goes to one of the regional rallies?

    Joking aside. The Sun reading populous of britain would find the final transition to police state a welcome one.

    The Guardian reading ones would ring their hands screaming ‘oisch’ a lot.

  8. bozzley Says:

    re: owens photomegraphs- Dunc, you dirty dogger.

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