Manc Land (Rory) Part 1

Good day to you all. May pleasant things be forthcoming and for love and contentment be bywords in your life’s tale.

 I was in the Northern English metropolis of Mancheater this weekend past and nothing was to my disapointment (except for the unreasonable demands sleep made of me Sunday morning. More on this later)

I will add that I dispise airports, the mindsets of their security staff and the processed nature of traveling trough them. Fuck you airports!

 The occasion for my visit was the joint goodby party for the gentlemen, Richard Bibby and James Creegan. They have been sharing a flat in Chorlton-cum-Hardy but are traveling to antipodean and oriental shores respectively. Work demands that Rich be in Austrailia for Thursday but I believe that James will be around till new years.

 I flew over on Thursday from Belfast. Having not flown for a while and the fact I was flying domesticaly, I was unprepared for the fucking Nazi like behaviour of the security. Don’t get me wrong. Individuals doing their jobs were pleasant if humourless.  Would I be prevented from carrying a bottle of water onboard a train or bus? Would I be ‘patted down’ in a manner which bordered on the sexually invasive? 

Of course if I were to get a train or bus from London to Manchester, none of this would happen. I believe (unless I slept in and missed the changeover) Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. I am also of the belief that the manner of the searches, ridiculous prohibition of liquids and unessesary powers given to underpaid, overworked, bored airport security, is all about conditioning us for future restrictions/conditions in travel.

How long before the same happens when boarding a train or bus? Accept this unessesary shite now and expect more later! ***NO LIVES HAVE BEEN SAVED BY BANNING BOTTLES OF WATER FROM AIRPLANES*** Ok? ***NO LIVES HAVE BEEN SAVED BY MAKING PASSENGERS TAKE OFF THEIR SHOES AND PASSING THEM THROUGH THE X-RAY*** Is this clear enough?

 Alright maybe I’m getting a bit too emotional but think about it…

On with the show next time.

7 Responses to “Manc Land (Rory) Part 1”

  1. dlaird Says:

    Duignan you’re a friggin’ terrrrrrorist lover. You’re an evil force working against freedom and liberty. Go back to China where you belong you Commie bastard.

  2. bozzley Says:

    its like when you try and take a packed lunch into a theme park and they confiscate your sandwiches so you have to buy their overpriced trans-fatty schmuck. i’m gonna take jamie oliver next time and pass my tubs of cucumber and pepper through the railings.

    so was it a good night? Ive been trying to emailicate creegan but hes ignoring me.

  3. NeaL Says:

    Jesus Boz, at first glance I thought that read you’ve been trying to impregnate Creegan. I know you managed ok with Jan but I think James might be a tougher nut to ahem, crack.

    I agree with you in some ways Rory. Its ridiculous that you can’t take water through security, yet in the departures lounge they sell you glass bottles of flamable liquids. On the other hand though, you deserve all you get, as you are clearly a freedom hating threat to our national security. Or at least to my nasal security given some of the smells that were emanating t’other night. Get cracking with the next post bro!

  4. swiss james Says:

    I’ve been patted down in bus stations a few times let me tell you, and I had to pay for the privilege

  5. bozzley Says:

    i’m suprised they let the irish in at all

  6. Rory Says:

    Boz: OI!

  7. NeaL Says:

    I know where you live boz!

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