Bye-Bye Bistachhap (Dunc)

Said goodbye to my Nepali family, the orphans and Bistachhap village this morning. Very sad way to end another really good week. Welled up inside a bit walking away from the orphanage. I got quite attached to the little tykes and my host family in the short time I spent with them. But, as with everything in life though things come to an end and we have to move on.

As I mentioned in my last post the Nepali Dashain festival is in full swing at the moment. On Monday I was privileged to be part of my host families celebrations on one of the most important days. Baa and Aamaa put tika’s on the whole family (including me!) and exchanged fruit, gifts and money (I got socks and a selection box! – just kidding). The mood and the feeling reminded me a lot of Christmas day. Instead of turkey we ate roasted goat (sacrificed the day before)  and as with turkey in the UK we ate goat leftovers for the following 4 days. Quite a pungent taste on day 4.

My Baa preparing to tika the family: 

Me tika’d up:

Click HERE for more Dashain photos

Having problems with tinternet today so will complete the update of the past week tomorrow!

6 Responses to “Bye-Bye Bistachhap (Dunc)”

  1. Rich Says:

    What are you doing with your arms in that shot? Holding up the head of an infidel?

    Think I might get Tikka’d up myself. It being Friday an’ all.

  2. swiss james Says:

    hang on, I don’t get it- you’re travelling around multiple host families, one per week?

  3. NeaL Says:

    Like the beard duncs. What is that, about 3, 4 minutes growth? Seriously though get it a bit longer, give the bouff a week or two and there’s a career for you as an mid seventies footballer.

  4. robin Says:

    Wonderful pix, Dunc! Where are you going next? Let me know.


  5. dlaird Says:

    Rich – Boom Boom

    Creegan – Just one host family.

    Neal – Working hard on the beard. I’m not shaving for another 3 weeks.

    Robin – Cheers. Thailand next.

  6. NeaL Says:

    Jesus duncs, it’ll be down to your knees in 3 weeks. I think you should shave the beard, but grow a handlebar moustache!

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