“Toilets and release of karma” (Dunc)

My blog admin page tells me that someone reached my site yesterday by googling “Toilets and release of karma”. Very odd. Someone obviously hoping that it’s possible to remove bad karma on the shitter. I’m becoming a Hindu if this is true.

Big booze up at the weekend to comiserate the fact a number of volunteers (Monica, Andrea, Lia, Trevor, Lanie, Sue, amongst others) headed home. The party spilled back to our hotel room. Big mission to get ice cubes to chill the beer (the fridge doesn’t seem to have caught on here yet). Taylor fulfilled his Kathmandu dream and went dancing:

He really impressed the girls:

We were also celebrating the completion of a couple of Bistachaap “Brighter Futures” children’s home tasks. Like painting the gate:

Building the compost bin:

And creating a rock star:

The 15 day long Dashain festival is underway here in Nepal. It’s a bit like Christmas. Everyone gets new clothes. Different things happen on each day of the festival. For instance, on Sunday over 120 goats and 15 buffalo were sacrificed in the main Kathmandu Square. Blood was spread over the wheels of nearby vehicles to ensure safe journeys. All the planes in the Nepalese commercial air fleet had a goat sacrificed in their honour to promote safe flying. Great fun. Obviously not if you’re a goat lover, or a goat.

Exciting news. Well for me anyways. I’ve booked 24 days of activities starting on the 10th October. I’m going on a 12 day trek to Annapurna Base Camp in the Himalayas followed by 2 days sightseeing in Pokara, a 3 day rafting trip on the Kali river, a 4 day kayak clinic on the Seti river and a 3 day elephant safari in the Royal Chitwan National Park. Very excited about everything. Should be ace.

For more photos click HERE

20 Responses to ““Toilets and release of karma” (Dunc)”

  1. bozzley Says:

    Why did you paint an explosion on a hill side on the gates to an orphanage?

  2. swiss james Says:

    “It’s a bit like Christmas….For instance, on Sunday over 120 goats and 15 buffalo were sacrificed in the main Kathmandu Square”

    They do Christmas differently in Wales eh?

    Watch yourself on that elephant safari, those buggers can turn at the drop of a hat

  3. bozzley Says:

    i would have thought tradition dictates they sacrifice a local jewish upstart.

    As long as you dont mock the baby elephant with the big ears you’ll be fine, unless the ringmaster is there with a dozen or so croneys to tie her down when she charges.

  4. NeaL Says:

    “Kayak Clinic” – Not content with orphans duncan is now moving on to helping sick boats. Does his philanthropy know no bounds.

  5. bozzley Says:

    just make sure you dont try lighting a fire in your boat whilst riding the rapids. As the induits found to their cost, you cant have your kayak and heat it.

    yeah yeah, its 4:30 tuesday afternoon, what else have i got to do?

  6. NeaL Says:

    What have sex in a kayak, and american beer got in common?

    They’re both fucking close to water.

    I can play that game too boz!

  7. Rory Says:

    Yeti’s gonna get you!

  8. Rory Says:

    Yeti’s gona get you!

  9. Rory Says:

    Yeti’s gona get you!

  10. Rory Says:

    Gona get you Yeti!

  11. bozzley Says:

    i take it youve been trying the buckfast cocktails Rory…

  12. NeaL Says:

    Thats rorys breakfast. He pours the white monk over his cereal.

  13. Donoman Says:

    I had some buckfast at Stephs party. Red Bull and Buckfast = bullfast.
    Did u see the slaying of the goats Duncan?

  14. Rory Says:


  15. Rory Says:

    Yeti Monk

  16. Rory Says:


  17. Rory Says:

    Fuck all

  18. Rory Says:


    I eat porridge. No cereal for me.
    The only white stuff spilled over anything in my life is;

    Deity-Duignan’s sticky white ‘juice of creation’ muck.

    ”ejaculate for all occaisions!!”

  19. Rory Says:

    How else do we (royal cunts) amuse ones self?

    Amuse and abuse.

    At work other methods are made use of.

  20. dlaird Says:

    Holy God. Leave the site alone for a few days and look what happens?

    Rory – Isn’t it about time for a post?

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