Bialoweiza – Part 1 (Dunc)

Bus driver– "Zycczzjjk!!!!"
Me – "Ehhh?"
Bus driver– "Zycczzjjk!!!!"
Me – "What???? My bag???"
Bus driver– "Zycczzjjk!!!! Zxccczzvzj!!!!!!! Zycckkyykchh!!! Zycczzjjkk!!!!!!
Me – "I don't speak your heathen lingo padre. Shut your cakehole before I cattle prod you in the eye in the good name of Queen Elizabeth II"

It seems the last passenger to alight or exit a bus in the Polish sticks is required to shut the bus door behind them. Easier said then done with a dickie hand, two heavy rucksacks and when the request is delivered in Polish by an angry bus driver.

We quickly resolved our differences and he saw fit to drive me (using his good eye to help steer) to the sleepy village of Bialoweiza, (Byah-wo-VYEH-zhah) my base for exploring the National Park for the next few days. First order of the day was to find accommodation. After a quick look around I decided on the "Pension Gawart". Private room, en-suite bathroom, balcony and breakfast all for 10 bar a night. Bargain!

One of the big deals about the national parK is that it contains a protected reserve where the last few European bison (once thought to be extinct) can roam freely without fear of being shot and/or mounted by hunters.  You can imagine my surprise when I saw this on the wall –

I suppose, in a fashion, it is helping to preserve at least a bit of the European Bison for future generations.

After I unpacked I decided to go for a wander around the village. Six minutes later I returned to my balcony and pondered what the next day would bring.

Part 2 update tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Bialoweiza – Part 1 (Dunc)”

  1. swissjames Says:

    how many dibdobs in a bar?

  2. Rory Says:

    What’s that about a dickie hand? Or has this transpired since you got your cast off eh…

    Have you had buffalo steaks yet! MMM..

  3. dlaird Says:

    Swiss – A “Bar” relates to sterling. One pound to a bar.
    Rory – Hand is still a bit stiff and sore. Wouldn’t want to high five any Americans with it. Hmm, poor example.
    No Zubrov steaks. Plenty of Zubr beer though. Very tasty.
    I wonder what Zubr means? It’s a mystery. My money is on “Camel”.

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