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Bye Bye Desk…. (Dunc)

May 31, 2006

….see you in 12 months!!!!

Leaving Do Drinks (Dunc)

May 30, 2006

After football and a quick kebab pit stop it was time to head in to town for a few farewell drinks with some friends. Special thanks to Boz and Jenny for making the trip over from Liverpool and McGrumble and Campell for making it across from Norn Iron.

The drinking began in earnest at Big Hands on Oxford Road. Although it’s basically a grubby bar/club, it’s close to a load of music venues so you often get music celebs popping in for a beer or two. I’ve only been in a few times, but have still managed to see the lead singer from Elbow, most of the members of Grandaddy and the back of Pete Doherty’s head. If I remember correctly, there was some D-list girl band in there on Saturday hanging around near the entrance to the toilets. Neal also spotted someone famous –

After Big Hands we moved on to "Friends and Family" where it all got a bit messy. Table football was played, vodka and red stripe was drunk and lewd remarks were made.

I was told the next day that after we left the club, I spotted the nightbus to Stockport and ran off after it without saying goodbye to anyone. So, even though I was pretty wasted the old homming instincts did me right.

Quality night all and all. Cheers for everyone that came. More photos of the night can be found here 

Footy at the JJB (Dunc)

May 30, 2006

Saturday afternoon saw the sporting event of this young century at the JJB Soccer Dome in Trafford. Football superstars from as far a field as Peru, Ghana and Leeds turned up to strut their stuff. Unfortunately, the organiser, Scottish soccer legend Duncan Laird, was forced to pull out due to injury. Greater Manchester police were pleasantly surprised that only 46 English hooligans were arrested following unsavoury scenes at the match. More photos of the game can be found here

Sod’s Law (Dunc)

May 26, 2006

So, I'm 27 and have never broken a bone in my body before. A couple of weeks before I head around the world on a 12 month long trip I get tripped up playing football, fall akwardly and this happens –

I've fractured a bone in my right hand (I'm right-handed!). To be more precise a spiral fracture along the length of the fourth metatarsal. The A&E doc told me I'd be in plaster for around 7 weeks. Smashing.

It shouldn't really hamper me too much. I should still be able to write OK. Typing is more of a problem. The biggest issue is with travel insurance. Because it happened before my trip started I'm not eligible for any treatment associated with the injury while travelling. This means I'll probably have to fork out to get the cast off and an x-ray in Sarajevo.

Lets just hope there is a clear distinction between the Bosnian words for "amputation" and "cast removal".

First Post (Dunc)

May 23, 2006

Hello, and welcome to my travel blog.  

Two weeks until I fly out to Latvia to start my round the world trip. Still a lot of things to sort out before I go – buying a pair of sandals being number one on the list. It's a toss up between jelly pinks or Burberry flip flops. Nice.

Good news. Rory has confirmed as the guest blogger. I'm sure he'll be very entertaining. For those of you who know him I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear I've given him carte blanche on the content of his posts.

I've got a number of leaving parties coming up. Details and pictures to follow. I'm hoping for at least one orange jumpsuit as a leaving present.